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“I’ve Been Accepted!”

By umcadmin

Admission to the University of Michigan is a coveted and much-celebrated event. Do you remember where you were the day you opened your letter? This clip, produced by the creative team in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with the crew at Filmic Productions, should jog your memory. Share your thoughts with other Michigan Today readers.


  • helene bednarsh - 1974

    Remember? I will never forget! I got a small envelope and wouldn’t open it since my two acceptances were in large envelopes and I was in a panic. I had my brother open and read it to me, and prankster that he is, he read we regret to inform you and I was so upset that it took me reading it a few times to realize I actually was accepted.



    DECEMBER, 1950: My mother was opening Christmas cards in the kitchen of our home in Scarsdale, NY, and said, “Oh, here’s a letter for you!” There it was, my acceptance to U of M. Great Christmas present! I was the first in our family to go to college—a Happy Day!


  • Dave Harrell - 1960 and 1964

    What a wonderful video and great sound. It brought back many memories and a few tears. I treasure my years at Michigan and hope others have similar feelings and experiences.


  • rosalynda black - 1968

    I was accepted at UM and found the acceptance letter when I went home for lunch on Nov. 22, l963. I was ecstatic until President Kennedy was assassinated about an hour later.


  • Richard Lash - 1980, 1983

    Beautiful and creative video. Very well done — made me extra proud to be an alumnus. Just last week, my son just got accepted to UM Law School, so he has his own memory now!


  • MIchael Sullivan - 1968

    The video sent today about receiving one’s letter of acceptance to UM reminded me of mine for the Law School in the spring of 1965. The letter was addressed to me in my full name: Michael Patrick Sullivan. That alone would not have made it memorable, but then I noticed the date on the letter: March 17, 1965 (St. Patrick’s Day). I knew right then that somebody in the Admissions Office had a sense of humor and that I was going to love Michigan…and I do! Somewhere, I still have that letter.