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Madeline Strong Diehl

Madeline Strong Diehl

MADELINE STRONG DIEHL is a freelance writer, editor, and strategic consultant based in Ann Arbor. Her work appears in a number of U-M publications, including Michigan Alumnus, LSA Magazine, and Findings. In addition, she is a teacher and creative writer who recently published a book of poetry. In fall 2013, DiehI was invited by U-M Engineering Professor Emeritus Ron Fleming to teach a mini-writing workshop as part of his NERS 490-2 class, “20th Century History--Development of Nuclear Science.” She would lead discussions based on a series of articles she had written about the moral and ethical decisions scientists faced during WWII. Her mission was to help students better communicate in a world that did not readily embrace nuclear power. And through her encounters with NERS students, many of whom described themselves as "environmentalists," Diehl slowly experienced what she describes as My accidental conversion to nuclear power.

A global nuclear renaissance?

After a 30-year hiatus in new construction, a handful of U.S. utility companies are moving forward with plans to join a “nuclear renaissance” that seems to be affecting countries around the globe. Some 40 countries — mainly in the Middle East and Asia — have committed to enhancing or creating nuclear portfolios.