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U-M finds more mammoth bones at Chelsea dig site — MLive

Nov. 30 — A second excavation conducted by U-M paleontologists at a Chelsea-area farm resulted in the discovery of 40 additional bones and bone fragments from an ice-age mammoth. Researchers returned to the site because a single radiocarbon date from one of the mammoth bones showed the animal to be more than 15,000 years old.

Understanding net neutrality: 10 essential reads — The Conversation

Nov. 21 — Ajit Pai, President Trump’s chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is a longtime foe of net neutrality. He has proposed completely repealing the Obama administration’s 2015 Open Internet Order, a decision the commission will likely vote to confirm on Dec. 14. But what is net neutrality? Here are some highlights of The Conversation’s coverage of the controversy around the concept of keeping the internet open.