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On the road

Video: Adaptation is the new black. Just ask road trippers Allie Goldstein, MS ’13, and Kirsten Howard, MS ’13, who are criss-crossing the country and changing the conversation around climate change.

Claws and Effect

We all know that the wolverine is a rare breed. But it’s also a threatened species that needs our protection. Biologist Bridget Fahey, MS ’97, is on the case at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Tree’s Company

U-M celebrates its fifth consecutive year as a certified “Tree Campus USA,” according to the Arbor Day Foundation. Somewhere, Andrew Dickson White is smiling.

Related Video: Revisit Nichols Arboretum for a glimpse of glorious Michigan summer, courtesy of the Alumni Association.

The Challenge of Water | Michigan Engineering

Net-zero water consumption


Imagine a home that had walls filled with water, toilets that composted their own waste, and a roof capable of disinfecting water through the sun’s UV rays. Now imagine a team of engineering students retrofitting one Ann Arbor home to achieve net-zero water consumption.