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Decommissioning North Hall. Image by Eric Bronson

If North Hall could talk

A campus landmark closes after more than a century of service in health care, the military, and more.

Shant address on William Street.

That old house

For more than a century, a spooky little fortress behind an iron gate at 611½ William St. has mystified passersby in all its gothic glory.


The Negro-Caucasian club

In the 1920s African-American and white students joined hands to fight racial bias — but the University was unsympathetic.

Drawing of the "object" flying over Frank Mannor's Dexter swamp. Courtesy of the Ann Arbor District Library.

Ann Arbor vs. the flying saucers

In 1966 a sudden wave of UFO sightings—many by extremely credible witnesses—turned local eyes skyward and brought national attention to Ann Arbor.

Cook hallway, courtesy of U-M's Bentley Historical Library.

Mr. Cook’s women

Traces of an irascible millionaire’s views of the “fair sex” linger all through the Martha Cook Building a century after its construction