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Vintage dancers

The ’50s in your ear


Michiganensian’s short-lived audio yearbook “Memories in Sound” featured recordings of Duke Ellington’s band at J-Hop, Michigan vs. Ohio State, and more.

Student protesters, 1940

The doves of 1940

Before the attack on Pearl Harbor pulled the U.S. into World War II, U-M suspended a band of student peaceniks advocating neutrality.

Will Caine with squirrel

Just nuts

Michigan has enjoyed a very long romance with its campus squirrels, certainly since the days of the Diag as a scrubby wheat field filled with grazing livestock.

Helen Newberry portrait, Newberry Residence, U-M.

The generous Mrs. Newberry

On the 100th anniversary of the Helen Newberry Residence, we offer a snapshot of the philanthropist who impacted thousands of young women.

U-M baseball team, 1875

Baseball on the Diag

In the years after the Civil War, springtime in Ann Arbor generated U-M’s first sporting craze: “base ball.”

Michigan Marching Band, U-M's Bentley Historical Library

Women, take the field!

The rule barring women from the Michigan Marching Band was dropped in 1972 — not with a bang, but a whisper.