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Benzinger Library

Guerrilla librarians

In 2005, a move to shut down the Residential College’s popular Benzinger Library sparked student protests, sit-ins, and a move to take back the stacks of East Quad.

William B. Angell Funeral, Ann Arbor, 1916

Death of an Angell

When the beloved James B. Angell died in April 1916, all of Ann Arbor and much of Michigan mourned his loss.

Jesse Owens at U-M, 1936.

A feat to cherish

The Jesse Owens story is the subject of the new film “Race,” but for U-M fans of track & field, the Owens story that truly resonates took place here, in 1935, when the Ohio State Buckeye made history.

Avery Hopwood, 1924

Hopwood in Havana

Cuba is top of mind for many these days. In 1924 playwright Avery Hopwood visited Havana, and his vivid diary captures the city’s heyday.