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  • PAUL WIENER - 1966;1978

    I’m wondering if the old or archived issues of Michigan Today are available online. If so, where. If not, why not? Thanks.


  • charles rathbone

    I’m looking for the stories about John Dewey early and later periods at Michigan that were available on the web. Are these two articles available anywhere else? They were really solid background information on John and Alice.
    Thank you for whatever help you might provide.


    • Deborah Holdship

      Hi, Charles:
      Try these two links to access PDFs of the print version of Michigan Today:
      This PDF includes the story: “John Dewey at Michigan: The University, and the iconoclastic student who became his wife, shifted the philosopher away from his early orthodoxies”
      AND: This PDF follows up with: “John Dewey at Michigan: The birth of Pragmatism: The philosopher’s second Ann Arbor Period, 1889-1884 (Part 2)”


      • Charles Rathbone


        THANK YOU so much, Deborah. This is exactly what i was searching for.



    • Deborah Holdship

      Hi, Charles: Print versions of Michigan Today are archived at Deep Blue, a University Library archive. You can find PDFs of articles about John Dewey and U-M here:

      Michigan Today (Vol. 29 No. 02)
      “John Dewey at Michigan: The University, and the iconoclastic student who became his wife, shifted the philosopher away from his early orthodoxies”

      And this URL follows it up with:
      Michigan Today (Vol. 29 No. 03)
      “John Dewey at Michigan: The birth of Pragmatism: The philosopher’s second Ann Arbor Period, 1889-1884 (Part 2)”

      Best of luck! Deborah Holdship


  • Robert Soshnik - 1973

    This is for Dr. Curzan: One of my pet peeves is the word, “normalcy”. It came into common use with presidential candidate Warren G. Harding’s campaign slogan “Return to normalcy”, which was shorthand for his promise to return the United States to its pre-world war mentality, as well as a return to big business. While I acknowledge that the word, “normalcy” had been listed in some dictionaries for some 60+ years prior to Harding’s use of it, I believe that it was a malapropism, and that the correct word was — and still is — “normality”. Indeed, I cringe whenever I read or hear “normalcy” being used. I would like to read Dr. Curzan’s discussion of the issue.


    • PJ Vasquez - Not an alum

      I came across this site while trying to find an answer to a question. I moved back to Michigan a little over a year ago. I have noticed a change in the way many people, specifically in their 40’s and younger, pronounce a specific word ending. Kitten has become “kit-un”, mitten is pronounced “mit-un”, even a local news reporter pronounces her last name Wheaton as “Wheat-un” etc. Anyone happen to know when this started and why? I find it annoying but know that changes occur over time.


  • John King - 1963 MS, 1965 Phd

    For Dr. Curzan: Have you covered the pair words? Why trousers, or pair of trousers, or pants or drawers? Sure a pair of gloves or shoes, but when did people have a trouser, a pant or a drawer to put on? Oh yes, and a pair of glasses, suspenders and, pajamas.

    A pair of scissors is more obvious since there are two blades that are fastened together. There must be more, but many are very odd today.



  • Margaret Travers - 1959

    Congratulations to the U of M for being recognized nationally for their past and present excellence in the Arts!


  • David Jaksa - 78

    You previously had a recording of John U Bacon’s “last Lecture”. I thoroughly enjoyed this and frequently referred other people to your site so they could listen. I can’t find this on your site anymore. Is this on your site. If not, can it be restored. I always enjoyed listening to this “Lecture” during football season.


  • John Hamilton

    University of Toronto (Engineering) 1967.
    I can supply additional details to David V Tinder for his “Historical Photographers of Michigan” for Albert E HAMILTON and James L HAMILTON and comments about Joseph L HAMILTON. James and Albert were my great uncles.


    • Deborah Holdship

      Hi, John: I sent your information to Clayton Lewis at the Clements Library. You should be hearing from him soon. Thanks for the tip! Deborah Holdship


  • Therese Shortt - 1982 BS,1987 DDS

    Hi Debora,
    As the news unfolds about the Flint water crisis and the condition of Detroit Public Schools, I am wondering whether our great university is front and center in solving these issues. I see pictures of students all over the world working in areas of need and yet in our own backyard we suffer from issues typically attributed to third world countries!! How is our School of Education not front and center working on and implementing strategies for better educating in the inner cities? Where are the great engineers, chemists, and environmentalists from the University not developing strategies for solving the Flint crisis. Infrastructure in all major cities is crumbling, Flint won’t be the last water problem. Maybe U of M should renovate one less building and fund innovative programs to solve these issues.


  • Jack Drake ROLLINS - 1964 LS&A

    The Drakes were my grandparents. Growing up in Ann Arbor, attending Ann Arbor High School (Go Pioneers), made me a genuine townie and in my case already a long-standing connoisseur of the sandwich shop’s menu. To me, it was like an enchanted place all full of sweets and cinnamon rolls soaked in high octane butter. I did not propose to my wife there, and I am sorry about the lady who lost her tooth, but the many testimonials this story occasioned gave me a sense of comfort knowing that so many others still hold cherished memories of the lasting goodwill, generosity, and food that seemed to gentle the condition of every man Jack who entered the door disappearing quickly in the cavernous wooden booths which lined the walls. These memories anchored in the many desperate lives who experienced the joy of Drakes paralleled mine. When my father married the dashing Jacqueline Drake, Grandpa Drake sold my father a house (which I grew up in) for a few hundred dollars which my father paid back in monthly increments of fifteen dollars a month. As I remember it, there was no interest.


  • Richard Bloss - BSEE 56. MSE. 57

    Have been back to AA a few times in the 60+ years since graduation. Nothing looks like when I was there. Interesting that north campus engineering bluidings are named for profs I had. Have enjoyed being associated with automation. For past two decades have been an associate editor for technical journals published in the UK. Have written over 100 articles on automation
    Thanks to UofM for the beginning.