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Climb every mountain gallery


  • Robert Milnor - 1944

    Excellent presentation and expression of ideas. Perhaps we should emphasize that the same objectives can be reached with less extreme effort. In my case, I achieved the same goals with climbs of Mt. Rainier, the Matterhorn and scores of lesser peaks. Furthermore, other less demanding activities can lead a person to the same understanding of team responsibility and achievement. The important thing is to look for and participate in activities where the actions of the group lead to accomplishments that could not be attained by one person’s effort alone.


  • Shane Eaton - BSE (EECS), 1999

    Many thanks for this. It is a great gift to be able to illustrate critical teamwork skills in the physical world, performed by other than professional athletes! Oh, to be a student in that September course…


    • Deborah Holdship

      For anyone who’s considering climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with Scott DeRue, here’s a course description with details, courtesy of the Executive Education department at the Ross School of Business.