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  • EDWARD HERREMANS - DDS (63);MPH (72) MS (74)

    The Museum of Natural Science was a favorite place to visit while attending dental school and graduate school. A special place to visit with our children and it was FREE. Many happy memories!!


  • JULIAN STIENON - 1961 BS Forestry

    Besides the two lions (OK, pumas) guarding the entrance, somewhere inside was one of the horizontal display cases containing a coiled rattlesnake that looked absolutely alive. On the wooden frame at the back of the display was a button that would activate the rattles very realistically. People would drop back a few feet in sudden surprise and fear when someone in the know hit the button! Lots of fun!!!


  • Sarah Siegel - 1987

    In 1983-84, my first year at Michigan, I was fortunate to be a docent but needed more hours than the job afforded and so couldn’t continue after that. My favorite memory was the outing we took as part of our docent orientation. We went to a site near Jackson State Prison that was full of fossils and we were allowed to pick from among them. I still have some trilobites from that fun day-trip.


  • Rosemary Buchmann - BFA 1988

    My very 1st real job was a college work-study position as a sales clerk at the gift shop in the Exhibit Museum.I grew up in A2 and had visited the museum many times before working there. My big thrill was being able to see “behind the scenes” while some of the displays were being made. I still have an amethyst scrap that was given to me by Carl Wozniac, the geologist who worked down the hall from the gift shop. My own 2 children enjoyed time there on yearly return trips to my hometown. My daughter surprised some other visitors by correctly identifying a dienonychus by name when she was a mere 5 years old. She and I remain dino fans to this day!