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  • Wystan Stevens - 1970

    The Michigan Union County Fair was held to raise money to build a clubhouse (the present Union building) for male students at the University. The County Fair was not held “every year in April” — it was held only two times, in 1902 and 1905. I don’t know when the 1902 Fair was held, but the 1905 event was on May 5 and 6. This photo, by Ann Arbor photographer A. S. Lyndon, was taken on May 5, 1905. It is one of several parade photos taken that day by Lyndon, which were reprinted in the June, 1905, issue of the “Michigan Alumnus” magazine. The parade photos were taken on North University Avenue. “Mysterious Ypsi” was the name of just one of the numerous booths set up at the fair, which was held in the old Waterman and Barbour Gyms — two glorious, historic spaces, lined in golden oak, which were connected to each other on the NE corner of the original campus. Built in the 1890s, they were demolished in 1977, by order of a Board of Regents that had forsaken its duty to protect and preserve the University’s architectural heritage.