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Research: A day in the life at U-M


  • Greg Schiller - '72 and '74

    Many years ago after graduating from U of M, I recall receiving a quarterly(?) publication on current Research in all fields at the University of Michigan. This article reminded me of this interesting publication. If it is still being published, could I begin to receive it again?

    Thank you,
    Greg Schiller
    MArchitecture ’74


  • Alex Piazza

    Hi Greg,
    Hope all is well.
    The U-M Office of Research used to publish a magazine, called Search & Discovery, that highlighted impactful campus research projects.
    The office no longer prints this magazine, but last November, we launched a new e-publication, called Michigan Research.
    I included a link below to February’s issue and added you to our monthly subscription list.

    Hope this helps,