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Sentimental journey


  • Kathy Boudreau - 1970

    The train station was a train station in my day and we flattened pennies on the tracks. The PBell was still around. Cottage Inn Pizza is delish and that is where we eat everytime we are in A2. Ulrich’s and Follett’s bookstores where we went to get our books. Lining up in the gym to sign up for classes. By the time freshman got to the front all the ‘good’ classes were gone so that is how I ended up in bowling, fencing, rest and relaxation phys ed instead of horseback riding and tennis. Antiwar protests in late 60s; BAM closing classes in 69-70? Orientation in Hill learning all of the Michigan songs which is why I still know the words to “I Want to go Back to Michigan”. Pizza Bobs, Bob Ufer, Bo’s arrival, and those free football tickets that were handed out at registration in a packet. I apparently did not attend an Illinois v. Michigan game cause I have a packet with just that one ticket in it. I think we got basketball tickets the same way. So many memories so many good times….lovely


    • Dale Leslie - 1971 M.A.

      Kathy: Hold on to that Michigan vs. Illinois ticket as it would net a healthy fee on Ebay. I have a ticket with the stub attached to the 1969 U-M vs. Ohio State football game (the 24-12 upset). My friends tell me its value is $200-plus. However, it’s not for sale! Go Blue! I suspect we are about the same age. I hope you’ve had a wonderful life. My oldest son graduated from U-M and is the trombone performance assistant professor at Appalachian State University, Oh, he’s 36. Yikes!


      • Chuck Makarov - 1993

        Dale: To bad it’s not for sale. I would buy just to frame it in my office. My boss is a OSU grad and was at that game in ’69. He refuses to go back to Ann Arbor to this day. If I put that ticket on my wall, my hope would be that he wouldn’t come in my office anymore either. Go Blue!


  • Michael Pollard - 1969

    I enjoyed this excellent montage of iconic Ann Arbor sites: it triggered fond memories of my college years. Thank you.


  • Susan Margelis - 1971

    At the Farmers Market in 1973 when my husband was a graduate student, we saw a sign on a box that said organic mouse traps. We looked inside and there were a litter of kittens.We picked out one kitten and that was a beginning of a long line of “organic mouse trap” cats for us.


  • Richard Macias - 1960, 1961

    What a great memory trip. My wife (Pat) and I still have a sandwich named after us at Zingerman’s (No. 27). We lived across the street when it opened and watched the place grow. We still track that growth, but from California. We miss it.


  • John Wiodhouse - 1975

    And by all means let us not forget “Traying” in the Arb!


  • Cindy Farina - 1983

    We miss Drake’s, the world’s only dive candy store, and the Stage Door, where you could get the best-ever deep fried ice cream. I remember my roommate and I went to Stage Door one Sunday night for deep fried ice cream in the middle of a monsoon. We were the only two on the street. We left a 12 cent tip because we ran out of money.


  • Linda Willis - 1996, 1997

    Thanks for the memories!!!