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Squirrel power


  • pat cardiff - 1990

    I feed the squirrels when not trying to befriend the crows.
    If it were not for first-come first-served, it would be a real resource allotment problem.
    Peanuts are like crack for the blue jays and the crows.
    Squirrels will take only one nut at a time.
    I sit down and drop a peanut to my side, and go on with my crossword.
    Frank is black, Ernest is grey, but they’re still very wary, even after 5 months.
    It’s hard to gain their trust. They are survivors. You really have to be patient.


  • Victoria Neff - 1974

    In the 1970s I saw a squirrel eating a doughnut on the Diag. It looked like a person eating an inner tube. I wish I had a pic……