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Re: Big Changes at the Big House; I agree that renovation type improvements are needed; the seats and aisles need to be larger, with more restrooms and better accessibility. However, I do not want there to be any enclosed seating. I agree with John Pollack that adding large structures on the East and West sides will destroy the bowl appearance, and that "to install expensive, enclosed seating violates the democratic spirit of the stadium and the university." There is a certain spirit at a Michigan home game that would be lessened by these enclosed structures. Thank you.

  • Richard Rogers
  • BSE(EE), MSE(EE)
  • 1966, 1967
  • Engineering
  • Garland

I object to spending over $200,000,000 on a football stadium. I am not going to be inclined to donate any more until you get your priorities straight.

  • Peter Armstrong

Widen the aisles? Sure. Improve access for the disabled? Absolutely. Enhance the concessions? Why not? But "improve fans' game-day experience"? That's a crock. More and more, I feel the university -- and especially the Athletic Department -- is obsessed with raising money, and the fans' experience be damned. The bigwig suites idea is an abomination, and sullies the reputation of The Big House.

  • Nick Katsarelas
  • B.A.
  • 1978
  • LS&A
  • Grand Rapids

How can I follow up with an old friend with whom I fell out of touch after graduation? I have no idea where he ended up living, what profession he settled in, and his name is quite common, so it's hard to google. Your help appreciated! Thank you, Lori Lippitz (Chinitz) Class of '79

For obvious reasons, the university does not give out alumni contact information. The Alumni Records office can, however, act as an intermediary to help you reach a former classmate. For information, email or call (734) 647-6190.

  • English Lit, Russian Lit
  • 1979
  • LSA
  • Skokie

Has it been forgotten that this is a college football team, not a professional one. Yes, Michigan football pays for many of the other sports provided on this campus. Thank you to that. It is a sad and very disappointing day when UM sells out to big bucks and commercialism.

  • Ilze Hammersley
  • B.S.
  • 1973
  • Educ.
  • Perrysburg

It's time to upgrade and modernize the stadium. I can't wait to see the design. Regards Matthew Atwong

  • MSChE, BSChE
  • 1976, 1977
  • Engineering and Rackam
  • Altadena

It is my opinion that we should instead of the current plan add an entire second tier all the way around, except where the scoreboards are. This will add enough seats, that I expect will always be filled as the current ones are, to more than pay for the project over a few years time. Michigan could expand to 150,000 seats and sell everyone each Saturday afternoon in the fall, and Ufer, Yost and Oosterbann would all be smiling.

  • Marshall Wickman
  • BS (A&OS)
  • 1978
  • College of Engineering
  • Houston

What made the State of Michigan great was the dedication of its people to the future--great universities, great parks, great public institutions. To establish luxury boxes at U of M Stadium is a disgrace to every resident living or dead of the Great Lake State. The President of the University should be ashamed, as should the Athletic Department. My contributions, however meager, are over.

  • Jim Wright
  • BA, MA
  • 1969, 1970
  • LSA, Rackham
  • Oak Park

I find it interesting that you did not include any images of what the new stadium would look like. Going through the approval process with the CVC, I know such simulated graphics are presented at several levels--it appears that the university is fearing a backlash since these images have not been presented.

The Regents approved the proposal to build the stadium structures. The next step is to create formal designs for approval, which the Athletic Department expects will take up to a year. -- Editor

  • Frank Pelosi
  • MD
  • Medical School
  • ann arbor

"...Schopenhauer had attend... ." This should read: Schopenhauer had attended. I just could not let this pass. This article is about grammar, and it is from UM.

Several readers caught our embarrassing typo. Our apologies to them and to article author Richard Bailey. -- Editor

  • Anne Blanchard
  • B.B.A.
  • 1986
  • Flint

Can you tell me how I could find out where my brick is located at the U of M stadium? Somewhere on campus, someone maintains a vault that has the coordinates. ;) Thanks

For information on the location of your stadium brick, call (734) 615-2025.

  • Thomas Edwards
  • 1996
  • CASL

Frankly, the main frustration at Michigan was the lack of proper football! No not soccer, certainly not American Football which is tedious for interruptions, breaks, lack of dynamics and poor ball skills and worst of all throwing the ball forward which should be banned. No: adopt a proper game - Rugby Union, where the real sportsmen and performers come to the fore. Nigel Hills PS: will not talk about rounders (sorry Baseball...).

U-M does field rugby club teams for both men and women. Anyone interested can check out the team web sites at (men's team), or (women's). -- Editor

  • Nigel Hills
  • MBA
  • 1966
  • Business School
  • London

My wife and I are both U of M graduates and are season ticket holders for football as well. We strongly support the University's plans for expansion and upgrades to the football stadium, including the addition of suites.


I think that we have all been let down by the recent approval by the Regents to renovate Michigan Stadium. I agree that the stadium needs some renovation. I do not agree with the "Extreme Makeover" (which I am sure that Martin and Coleman will apply for in order to get their greety hands on more corporate cash). What has happened to tradition in this country? I don't see a big skybox suite hanging off the side of the Eiffel Tower to house wedding receptions or corporate outings. The Regents will hear from us at election time! Pack your're moving out!

  • Dave Reno
  • BA
  • 1988
  • LSA
  • Vicksburg

I have been trying to locate a dear friend from my Ann Arbor years. She started at the U a couple years after me. I cannot find her anywhere. Does the alumni group have ANY kind of tracking service and how do I use it? John Paval

For obvious reasons, the university does not give out alumni contact information. The Alumni Records office can, however, act as an intermediary to help you reach a former classmate. For information, email or call (734) 647-6190.

  • John Paval
  • BA
  • 1974
  • LSA
  • Stpckholm

Bravo! Here is one alum who applauds the enhancement of Michigan Stadium. U-M has a great athletics program, and it has not been built at the expense of a premium academic program. Go for it!

  • Robert B. Glenn
  • M. A., Ph. D.
  • 1952, 1961
  • Rackham
  • Marquette

Although I would support infrastructure improvements to the historic Michigan Stadium, the addition of club seating that provides a privileged venue for the rich and corporate is a sell out to the values of Michigan that I have admired and continually touted to the rest of Higher Education. You will now demonstrate by adding this privileged venue that money buys access to power (including the power that runs the U of M, and that even in the playing of a sport we cannot set this privileged benefit aside. It is very hard to understand why U of M needs to do this financially when they are selling out the Stadium year after year. What a sad sellout.

  • Paul M. Couture
  • Bachelor's of Architecture
  • 1969
  • Architecture and Design
  • Lincoln

All of the infrastructure improvements are needed and can be done for about $60 million. The raised luxury crud will destroy the elegant simplicity of the basic below-ground oval, will shadow the playing field, and will look like ticky tacky afterthoughts. All in the pursuit of increased revenue (which will be spent on the upkeep of the afterthoughts). Not my idea of what the University should be about.

  • Albert A MacPhail,M.D.
  • M.D.
  • 1954
  • Medicine
  • East Orleans

"To improve fan experience" ranks in the top ten of euphemistic justification for this controversial so-called improvement to the stadium. Why not use Notre Dame instead of Ohio State and the NFL as models ? I'm disgusted; and even though my grandfather was a personal friend of Fielding Yost and I learned "The Victors" the same time as "God Bless America," I find that my interest in Michigan football is waning fast. Elitism is not my idea of what the University stands for. Judy Whalen

  • Judy Whalen
  • BA
  • 1954
  • LSA
  • Bluffton

I hope the new Spanish language news service doesn't cost the students more in tuition fees. Michigan does need its PR, but pandering to those who don't want to learn English for their stay in this country is a concern to me...especially at the expense of student fees and tuition.

  • Paul T. Jackson
  • amls
  • 1965
  • SI
  • Enumclaw

I agree with Pollack. Coleman and Martin are both "new kids on the block" as far as I am concerned. What has Martin done while he has been there besides raise ticket prices? Athletic results have certainly been less than desirable. Revenue comes from winning! I have tried to make my views known in all of the various methods made available but to date I appear out of step. Hope I live long enough to say "I told you so!" The Big House can be henceforth known as the dry lagoon with two condo towers.

  • Robert B. Weaver
  • B.B.A., J.D.
  • 1954, 1957
  • Business, Law
  • Henderson

There isn't a reason on earth that could ever convince me we need luxury boxes in the Big House. Even more appalling is the manner in which the item was put on the Regents agenda. Three cheers for the three Regents White, McGowan, and Deitch for their gutty resistance to tyranny.

  • Lois C Schwartz
  • AB With Distinction
  • 1957
  • LSA
  • New York

Count me among those who question investing a quarter billion dollars in the stadium, since most of the money spent will benefit a minority of "fans." Actually, I expect the boxes for plutocrats will be used mainly by corporations bent on impressing (potential) customers. I'm sure that those new seats--with backs--and especially the new seats in the enclosed areas will generate some additional revenue. But I also expect that the majority of seats out in the winds and weather will be taxed a premium and the added benefits will be, at best, marginal--wider aisles, shorter lines for hot dogs and coffee. It is another instance of the many carrying the bulk of the cost through jacked-up ticket prices, for the benefit of a few not-so-special fans. I'd rather spend much less on an enclosed practice facility, replacing Crisler Arena with a bigger, better basketball facility, and perhaps some added tennis and racquetball courts. Those benefitting would be mainly students, faculty, staff, and nearby alumni. As for me, I don't expect I'll be buying a football ticket for even one game, so what you're doing affects me only tangentially. I hate to see U-M being crass about its commercialism. I like the sly way in which you cash in on licensing fees. My block M baseball cap and my Maize and Blue T-shirts add $$ to the Sports Department's coffers without making me uneasy about the sell-out to off-campus commercial interests whose contributions to the University are contingent upon luxury booth seating.

  • Robert Beckett
  • B.A., M.A.
  • 1957, 1961
  • LSA, Rackham
  • Springfield

In his article, "Talking About the Movies", Frank Beaver refers to the main character in "Look Back in Anger" as Johnny Porter - is the character's name not JIMMY PORTER?

  • Jodi
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg

The UM e-mail is great! Thank you. Ginny Sutton

  • Ginny Sutton
  • MSW
  • 1976
  • Social Work
  • West Chester

In your article "Talking about words: Let’s have a look-see with Richard W. Bailey", one of the examples given was: "Preposition + noun = verb: outsource, overachieve, upload." Aren't "achieve" and "load" verbs, not nouns?

  • Frank Callis
  • BS/Arch, M/Arch
  • 1973, 1977
  • A&D, A&A
  • Detroit

Thanks for this wonderful use of e-mail. We circulate this to the Future Michigan students that we have recruited under the ASR - Adopt A School program. The students seem to like to have this connection with their future College choice. cheers from charlie bancroft

  • Charlie Bancroft
  • BBA
  • 1955
  • Business
  • Memphis

Gentlemen, I just read your April piece on Affirmative Action, referring to the Distinguished Lecture on April 12. I just wanted to emphasize by agreeing that the intentions of affirmative action must be discussed and agreed upon, and also that the intentions be translated into real goals. But also, I would say that the most difficult part of the discussion would be on improving our imperfect democracy with individuals and institutions that promote justice and quality. Since there are diverse voices who have different visions of such goals, the process must be constantly addressed by minority groups as well as the ideas of a "majority." These groups must include whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, American Indians, and others. Since so much "evil" and violence in the world is caused by (some) of the diverse (militant) religious groups, there should also be continuing dialogues between people as Christians, Jews, Hindi, Muslims, Buddhists and others.

  • Dale Mohr
  • 1956,57,58
  • Engineering school alumnus
  • Naperville

I am very distressed that the U of M is planning to demolish the Frieze Building, a structure that is 99 years old and a cornerstone of the campus at State St. and Huron. The building could be re-configured to be an entrance to the new residence hall and be more in keeping with the historic Carneige Library, which I understand is planned to be saved.

  • Anne Morrow Woodell
  • B.A.
  • 1958
  • LSA
  • Oakland

I have looked forward to your "publication" but don't often see it on my computer - just lots of reports on sports events, some student events, and new construction on campus. The articles which I enjoy are about the research done by the staff of the university - the archeologists, political science staff, psychologists, and others(yes, even including the staff of the medical center) Thanks for your patience.

  • Frank A. Rizzo,MD
  • MD
  • 1960
  • LSA,Medicine
  • Tenafly

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