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I really appreciate and enjoy reading the Michigan Today NewsE. But I receive two copies within 16 seconds of one another. One would be fine. Please delete me from one listing but whatever you do, don't delete me entirely. Thank you

  • Leonard Williams
  • BSME
  • 1950
  • U of M
  • Seattle

Enjoyed the present issue of Michigan Today. It has occurred to me that a marvelous investigation into cells "eating themselves" would be to learn what would be required for cancer cells to do the same. Regards----Lloy E. Schultz

  • Lloyd E. Schultz
  • BSAE
  • 1949
  • Aeronautical Eng
  • St. Louis (Creve Coeur)

Why don't you let us set a password that is easy to remember and/or provide a means for recalling one's password from the website? Every time I want to log into update my record or for other reasons, I have to call for a password - which usually means waiting a day since you are three hours later. And it is rarely worth it. I almost never use the website solely for this reason.

  • Julia
  • BA
  • 88
  • LSA
  • Santa Barbara

As a concerned alumni, I am writing to question if the University has a response on the Ballot Initiative that the State of Michigan passed requiring all state instiutions to discriminate based on sexual orientation. I am concerned that open-minded, intelligent students will be hesitant to enroll in an institution that encourages discrimination, which will result in a degradation of the academic quality of the campus, as well as learning opportunities from a diverse student population. I am also concerned that the University will lose important faculty that don't want to work in a discriminatory environment. Is there any response, or is the University going to ignore the issue?

  • Vaughn Alliton
  • B.A.
  • 1988
  • LSA
  • New York

Greetings! Nice publication.

  • Sherry Moravy-Penchansky
  • A.B.,M.P.H.
  • 1986,1993
  • Ann Arbor

I just rec'd your overview November issue. I really like it! It tells all things like Freize Bldg plans, cottonseed oil possibilities against prostate cancer, more testing on flu vaccine vs pills, etc. DEFINITELY something I will read on a monthly basis-to help keep me up to date on what's going on.....Thank you for the new format, (or maybe I never rec'd it before). Sincerely, Dru Wygant 11/04/04 Happy upcoming holidays!!

  • Druscilla Headlee Wygant
  • BBA
  • 1960
  • Business
  • Neptune City

Just noticed the notice about a new book being published on the 100 Year War. I am assuming that this is a commercial venture and that the University is not involved. Correct ? If so, I am wondering if I could have an article done for one our your upcoming NewsE pointing out that we now have 9 plates in our UM dinnerware series that started in 1997. This year's plate just out is the Michigan Union timed to go along with their centennial celebration this year. I'd love to help do a story on our plate series .which used the old (1928-64) Wedgwood plates as a model. My parents were UM alums who had the old plates and they in turn were passed to me as I also followed my parents and sister in attending the UM. As a retiring UM administrator I decided that starting our little company would make for a fun retirement project and we now have 9 plates to show for it. Check our website for shots of the plates. and special ones we have done for the Law School, Med School, Solar Car Team and Music School. I've run ads in past Mich Today's but would love a story like your writeup on the 100 yard Wars. I"m here in town and would be happy to work with a writer. Downs Herold

  • John D. Herold
  • BS, MS, MA
  • 1963,1965, 1968
  • LSA, Rack, Ed
  • Ann Arbor

This article was a waste of bandwidth. If Frank Beaver had provided anything more than a high level opinion with no facts to back it up, it might have had some redeeming social value.

  • Fred Penar
  • BS, MS
  • 1961, 1963
  • LSA
  • North Fort Myers

i've been wondering whether the campus community has had any discussion of the loss if "Classic Mirlyn" and its relatives since the switch to whatever "it" is now. I would much appreciate references if you have any or...enquiry into, and results in Michigan Today if that is of interest. Thanks, jww

  • john williams wright

I would like to make contact with a former classmate, Susan Willacker who graduated from University of Michigan-Flint in 1979 as well with a Bachelors in Business Administration. She was the maid of honor in my wedding but we have lost contact. I don't know if she is deceased or what and she has no family either. Thanks for any help you can give me. Thanks for sending your newsletter by email. Best Regards, Ann Jacks

  • Ann Herweyer(Jacks presently)
  • BBA
  • Jan. 1979
  • University of Michigan-Flint
  • Aloha

I prefer receiving the magazine via US Mail. Thank you. cm

  • Christine Mallon
  • B.A.
  • 1972
  • LSA
  • Ardenvoir

This publication is fine as is. However one can't take it to the kitchen table, the bedroom or much less the bathroom to read, as one would do with a paper publication. Keep mine paper, please.

  • Suzon Gordon
  • BA
  • 1958
  • LSA
  • Altoona

How do I get free E mail?

  • Irwin Glasser
  • B.A.
  • 1936
  • LSA
  • Soutgfield

Great new layout! I really like what you've done with the newsletter. Thanks, Jackie

  • Jackie Horn
  • BA
  • 1990
  • LSA
  • Chicago

I can never remember my "Unique" ID--because, well, it is too unique. I never bother to try to sign in except at sites where I have selected the ID and password. Yours is one of the most inconveniet arrangements I have ever encountered.

  • Frederick C Hertel
  • BBA
  • 1956
  • Bus Ad
  • Naples

You might want to do an article on the new "Honors in Florence" program, which was a big success in the 2004 inaugural year. Contact Steve Darwall in the LSA Honors Office. Enoch Brater Professor of Enflish and Theater

  • Enoch Brater

The article on Betsy Blair contains glaring errors or omissions: (*See Greenstein, "The Hidden Hand President.") 1. HUAC was NOT Joseph McCarthy's committee; he was a Senator, and HUAC was a committe of the House of Representatives. 2. Blair was not an emerging actress of the 50s. She had already appeared in several important films in the 40s. About 1948 she came under investigation for alleged ties to the Communist Party. 3. You mention the award she received for Marty, but you mention nothing about how that film got made if she was self-exiled in Europe. She got the part because of the more relaxed climate established by Eisenhower and his strong distaste for McCarthy, whom he brought down with the help of Democrats and moderate Republicans,which happened in 1954. In 1955, Blair came back to Hollywood and made Marty. This was not accomplished merely by her husband Gene Kelly's pressuring MGM. For one thing, Marty was a United Artists' film, not made by MGM (Kelly's studio). And why would Kelly wait 6-7 years after she had left for Europe to intercede for her anyway? He had the clout to do this even in the late '40s, and surely by '52, when Singin' in the Rain was released. But it was not until after McCarthy's fall from power in 1954, thanks largely to Eisenhower,* that it became clear the stage was set for her comeback.

  • Dick Rubidoux, B.A.

As an admirer of Professor Moss's poetics, I offer an etymological footnote to her association of the city of Buffalo, New York, with the American bison. The city's English name may actually be a corruption of the original French "beau fleuve" that referred to the nearby Niagara River.

  • Judith Peters
  • A.M.
  • 1973
  • Rackham
  • Ann Arbor

Congratulations on the wonderful article concerning ice houses. My Grandfather - Charlie Heise - ran Charlevoix Ice and Coal for many years. He moved off the family farm became a busisnessman and sent my mother off to MSU. Charlie had many stories (somewhat legend here in northern Michigan) one of which sticks in my mind. One winter in the 1920's did not have enough cold weather to freeze Lake Charlevoix sufficently to safely "harvest" ice. Finally in late February an adjacent lake, much shallower and thus containing reeds, did freeze and the harvest began. Throughout the next summer their were many comments about the reedy ice cubes (probably shaved ice) in martinis served at the local clubs. Grandpa Charlie said that he never made money on the ice busisness (the companies profit came from coal) but it was a way to keep his employees working through the summer.

  • Charles T. Jadwin
  • BBA
  • 1976
  • Charlevoix

It is not money that is going to enhance learning, it is fixing the medical problems that result in the problem. When and if the medical profession ever learns how to use thyroid hormone properly, especially with pregnancy, our childrens intelligence will sky-rocket. I have just sent the same information to Jay Diedd in DC. and I have discussed this with Dean Lichter to seeming no avail. There is a real difference between being intelligent and being smart. For a detailed discussion of what I speak, go to: www,myweb.cableone.,net/dickalf R. M., Alford, MD

  • R. M. Alford, MD
  • MD
  • 1949
  • Medical
  • Lewiston

Does this OnLine Michigan Today replace the newspaper I receive in the US mail? it in addition to?

Editor's Note: Michigan Today will continue to publish two paper editions each year. Michigan Today Online will be exclusive to the internet once per year.

  • Fred Hindley

I very much enjoyed Richard Bailey's article on Michigan nicknames. It reminded me of my grandfather, Leigh Jarvis Young, a prof in the School of Forestry (now SNRE) from the 1920s through the early '50s. He actually had two nicknames: his friends called him Brig (a reference to the formidable Brigham Young), and among students he was known as "C-Minus" (the grade he gave most often).

  • Judy Steeh

This site is beautiful and every bit as engaging as Michigan Today has always been. And it's accessible here, 9,000 miles away from AA. Congratulations!

  • Bonnie Brereton
  • PhD
  • 1992
  • Rackham
  • Khon Kaen, Thailand

I think that this a great way for all alums to keep up with the happenings on campus. Keep up the good work.

  • Ermin W. Crownley
  • BS,MA
  • 1960,1961
  • Educ,Rackham
  • Detroit

I just loved your news letter. Thanks for sending it to me. Keep up the good work. I have sent a copy of it to a lot of friends of mine. Sincerely, Rogerio Costa - Brazil Universidade Federal do Ceará

  • Rogerio Costa

Richard Bailey's piece was a treat, as always, but I do believe "flummox" and "comeuppance" are still around, at least in my vocabulary (or does that mean I "flunk" contemporaneity? And what's a "brick"?

RICHARD BAILEY RESPONDS: There's no great mystery about the source of _brick_ to mean a solid and reliable person. The best treatment of this history is in the_Historical Dictionary of American Slang_ by J. E. Lighter. He traces the first use to around the year 1822, and he has quotations coming well into the twentieth century. Saying that this (and other terms in my essay) was used at Michigan did not imply that it was exclusively a Michigan term. But it is unfamiliar enough nowadays that our imaginary time traveler from today would be mystified.

  • Jeff Mortimer
  • Ann Arbor

John-- What a glorious-looking web site you've created! The best-looking news hole I think I've ever seen on the net. Don

  • Donald Hunt
  • LSA, Rackham
  • Hancock

John, I really like this e-news! Totally cool. I just unsubscribed my aol address and subscribed my work email, and that worked like a charm. One idea - perhaps you could include a link to the URL, so that the reader can view it with a browser rather than his email system if she wants (oh those pesky pronouns!) Cheers! Judy

  • Judy Steeh
  • Japan

Your on-line UofM Newsletter is great! Thanks. M.

  • Martha Erwin

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