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By Deborah Holdship

“A place with ghosts”

Welcome to “Listen in, Michigan,” a new podcast for Michigan Today readers and fans of the audio format.

In this debut episode, historian Jim Tobin, PhD ’86, reflects on some of the heroes, villains, and eccentrics who populate the University of Michigan’s rich, 200-year history. He covers a wide range of lesser-known tales in this 18-minute trip through time, from inspiring barristers to bone-chilling body snatchers.

Are you interested in pursuing some of the stories Tobin teased?

Check out and read The Warrior Scholar to learn more about the legacy of Yale Kamisar. Popular astronomy professor Doc Losh is profiled on the site in a piece aptly named Doc Losh. In The Lost Campus, you’ll learn much more than the history of “the Campus Beauty” and if you’re into cadavers, Such Horrible Business is sure to delight.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering Who was Alice Lloyd? Or who were Mr. Cook’s Women?, Michigan Today has some answers in the archive. And now, thanks to Tobin, the next time you walk on the Diag, you can think about Andrew Dickson White’s Trees.

We certainly hope you enjoyed listening and invite you to share comments below. Also, if you’re curious about the lead-up to the U-M bicentennial in 2017, please visit

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(Audio editing by Alexandra Nowlin; sound design and music by Barry Holdship.)

Deborah Holdship

Deborah Holdship

DEBORAH HOLDSHIP is the editor of Michigan Today. She joined the University in 2007 as editorial manager in the marketing communications department at the Ross School of Business, where she was editor of Dividend magazine for five years. Prior to working at Michigan, Deborah was associate director of publications at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. From 1988-2001, Deborah worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, where she was a reporter and editor at Billboard magazine and an associate editor and video producer at LAUNCH media. Follow her on Twitter: @michigantoday.