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Snyder’s ‘Marshall Plan’ carries some risks, experts warn — Crain’s Detroit Business

March 4, 2018 — Gov. Rick Snyder’s ambitious plan to alter Michigan’s approach to career education by placing a greater focus on developing skills rather than getting degrees is a tricky balancing act. And one that carries some risks, experts warn, especially if filling the needs of current jobs in employer-designed skills programs leaves workers without the broader skills needed for tomorrow.

JFK at the Michigan Union, 1960.

Kennedy vs. the hawks

As the centennial of John F. Kennedy’s birth approaches, JFK scholar James G. Blight revisits the Cuban missile crisis and shows how Kennedy’s aversion to experts helped keep us out of war.

Flint water plant

Focus on Flint

As leaders seek solutions to the Flint water crisis, the U-M community rallies across campuses to share expertise, launch research, and support efforts to aid local residents.