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Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — October 2014

AD David Brandon resigns…U-M extends M-Cubed program…U-M economist Wolfers: one of 10 “tweeple” you should follow…U-M prof Prabal Dutta named one of “Brilliant 10″…Artifact from 1800s found while moving massive oak on campus…U-M’s Howard Markel on the history of quarantine…Detroit’s exit from bankruptcy…Fracking’s unexpected benefits.

Coffee researchers

Coffee Killer

There’s trouble brewing and it’s far more devastating than any cup controversy at Starbucks. It’s called ‘la roya’ and it’s wreaking havoc on coffee’s future.

Father with baby, stock

Father’s day

Today’s father plays an increasingly substantial role as caregiver, but much of what we know about parenting focuses on mothers. U-M researchers are working to change that.

9/11 + 10: The researcher

Stephen Forrest is Vice President for Research at the University of Michigan. U-M receives millions in research funding from the federal government, and some of that is for defense-related research. Michigan Today asked Forrest to describe some of the ways 9/11 and its aftermath have affected research in the US and at U-M.