That's the spirit

They say it’s your birthday!

The iconic Spirit of Detroit statue joins the University family in celebrating a joyous milestone this weekend. Watch (above) as the statue dons a massive bicentennial T-shirt to commemorate our founding in the city on Aug. 26, 1817.

But he’s not the only one sending a “Go Blue!” to the University community. Enjoy the following videos — featuring such alumni as actor James Earl Jones, former U.S. Surgeon General Antonia Novella, physician/TV personality Sanjay Gupta, Peace Corps founder Alan Guskin, Hamilton producer Jeffrey Seller, astronaut Al Worden, real estate magnate/U-M business school benefactor Stephen Ross, and more — as we reflect on our collective legacy and look toward U-M’s third century.

It’s my birthday too, yeah

We’re gonna have a good time

I’m glad it’s your birthday

I would like you to dance

Take a cha-cha-cha-chance

Read and enjoy more stories of the University’s history at Keep up with the ongoing calendar of events regarding the Bicentennial at And, don’t miss Detroit Public Television’s series “An Uncommon Education: 200 Years of the University of Michigan.”


  1. Yoshiro Takano - 1979

    I enjoyed watching this ‘Met at the University of MIchigan’ video because my wife and I also met at U-M and married one day afte our graduation day in Ann Arbor inviting friends and relatives.


  2. Mamon Gibsoj, Jr. - 1959

    Growing steadily, GO BLUE


  3. Marcey Terrien - 1972

    Dare I admit it? I sit with tears streaming down my cheeks after watching these inspiring videos. Because they all confirm what I’ve lived my whole life. Because they exude a pride that matches my own. Because it’s truly a profound and wonderful experience to know that all the thousands and thousands of us belong to the same tribe. GO BLUE!


    • Sara Beis - 1977

      Marcey – I, too, shared your tears….tears of joy and emotion with much pride to belong to our big Michigan family – Leaders and best! GO BLUE!


  4. Henry Homburger - 1968 (LSA), 1972 (Medical school)

    I often remember my years in Ann Arbor. They were tumultuous years for America, but U of M upheld the most cherished ideals of justice, democracy and academic freedom as students and faculty faced the challenges of racial injustice and imperial war that plagued our nation. The times are not so different now. I have faith this great institution will honor it’s tradition and continue to educate leaders that will confront courageously the challenges of their time. They are formidable challenges indeed.


  5. Dave Wise - UM Law 1967

    I will be back for my 50th law school reunion this fall. Made lifelong friends. Live in Ohio but still Go Blue!


  6. Mark Henderson - School of Ed 1975

    I love the “Met at U/M” video because it brings back beautiful and magical memories. My wife (Sue) and I met in Angell Hall ground floor, south end, waiting to go into African American History on October 3, 1974 and married in Ann Arbor one day before graduation December 1975. “…and that has made all the difference.”


  7. David Whiteside - 1965 BA/LSA. 1966 MA/LSA

    I cherish my years at UM not only for the valuable academic education but even more for what I learned outside the classroom. I was transformed from a passive child of privilege into an engaged citizen of the world. I can’t think of any higher aspiration for an educational institution than to infuse its students with a love of truth and justice and the skills required for that pursuit. Happy birthday!


  8. Fran Palms - Fran Palms (1979 - Nursing) & Phil Kish (1978 - LSA)

    We met in Margaret Bell pool, thx to both having been high school swimmers – not able to make enough time to compete in college, but joined Michifish… The rest is history! We celebrated 38 years of marriage in June, thrilled to commute together every day to jobs at UHS (Fran) and UM Opthalmology (Phil). Go Blue!!


  9. Doug Sweeder - 1967

    My Michigan MBA opened doors for me in the business world.


  10. Judith Burns Schuster - 1962

    Love the videos. They bring back wonderful memories of my time at the U of M from 1958-1962. I live in Minnesota, but I still “Go Blue.”


  11. Sue Green Henderson - 1975 Ed

    I was a townie — I grew up in AA, attended Burns Park, Tappan and Pioneer. Of course I went to Michigan. There was no other choice. On October 3, 1974 I was waiting in Angell Hall outside Professor James Horton’s African American History class when I saw the most attractive man I had ever seen standing near the doorway. I went up and said hello and started a conversation. I followed him to his seat in class and sat by him. I followed him out of class and he asked me out for Saturday night. We were married in December 1975 in my parent’s home on Martin Place. I graduated from U of M the same weekend we were married in Hill Auditorium.


  12. Tom Anderson - 1989

    Great University, Great Town, Great People!!! And always…..GO BLUE!!!!


  13. Jason Morris - 2000

    Literally teared up watching these videos.
    Thank you so much for reminding me again of how my life has forever been changed by my years at Michigan.
    Eternally grateful.


  14. Qijin Xu - 2004

    A top quality university I am proud of, so big and so beautiful. I enjoyed the years of study and life there, with great memories of the people there. UM, always my best! GO Blue!!!


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