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It’s that special time of year again: Festifall, when the Diag is overrun with hundreds of student clubs and organizations, whose leaders and representatives are working their best marketing and recruiting strategies. (Candy works well. So does shouting, depending on what section you’re in.)

During the annual Festifall, you may find religious groups of every denomination, academic and honor societies, performing arts groups, fraternities and sororities, cultural groups, sports clubs, and activism organizations. At any given time, one might come across a female rugby player, an entrepreneur dressed in a shark costume, or a guy passing out condoms.

It’s like Times Square out there, friends laughing and navigating their way through the crowd to find that one club — that one life-changing organization, orchestra, or a cappella group — before graduation rears its ugly head.

Come meet some of the best and brightest on campus these days. These students are overachieving, hardworking, multi-tasking, and, apparently, brilliant.

Were you in a student club or organization? Share you memories in the comments section below.

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