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Podcasters’ delight

Free John Sinclair poster

The Bentley holds an original poster from the 1971 rally to “free John Sinclair.” John Lennon and Yoko Ono headlined the show at Crisler Arena. (Image courtesy of U-M’s Bentley Historical Library.)

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It was Chance the gardener in the film Being There who famously said, “I like to watch.”

For fans of the podcast genre, the line would be “I like to listen.”

Podcasts are exploding on campus, as the bold and brave content producers here plug in their mics, adjust their levels, and enter the jungle known as editing software. Here’s just a handful of options you may want to check out.

And if you have no idea what a podcast is, just think of it as radio-on-demand. Once you get hooked, it’s super fun.

Listen in, Michigan

I’ve produced 26 episodes of my podcast, “Listen in, Michigan,” which is slowly but surely finding its way. The University is “the star” of my series, as I seek to make an emotional connection with nostalgic alumni yearning to reclaim their youth — and their campus! I hope you explore my archive. I’ve covered a variety of topics, from “How we went blue” to the history of The Michigan Daily. My current episode takes you inside the Bentley Historical Library where the archives hold some of the craziest and most interesting artifacts related to the University and the state of Michigan.

How to Science

How to Science is a show about the human side of scientists and the beauty of research, produced by U-M’s College of LSA. The producers “insist that science is beautiful, accessible, personal, and human. And that any listener can science, too.”

The Michigan Minds Podcast

Michigan Minds brings to life the breadth and depth of faculty expertise at the University. This series features quick yet informative analysis that provides research-based perspectives on issues like autonomous vehicles, the gender pay gap, food security, and more.

Behind the Scaffolding

Behind the Scaffolding is a podcast about teaching writing. The podcast comes from the English Department Writing Program at U-M and covers the hows and whys of teaching writing: insights, practical ideas, and philosophies from awesome writing teachers.

The RC Podcast

The debut episode of this podcast drops you “in media res” in the RC student experience. You’ll learn about RC Forums, experiences with faculty and courses in the RC that were instrumental in their undergrad careers, how students enjoy the resources of the larger College of LSA while getting the benefit of the tight-knit community in the RC — and, about some fun “oddities” that may appear that add to the charm and delight of the Residential College.

The Michigan Daily

Student reporters also are experimenting with the audio format. The paper’s The Daily Weekly podcast recaps the news of the week and explores timely topics for listeners who neglected to pick up the paper.

Meanwhile, its Pass the MiC podcast highlights people of color on the U-M campus and in today’s popular culture. Join the hosts and their special guest speakers as they chat, snap, and clap-back. Get vulnerable, get comfortable, get real, and get ready to Pass the Mic.

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