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A little help from my friends

Woodstock poster

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About a hundred years ago, when I was just a teenager, my parents sent me to Quebec City to hang out with my brother, who was close to 28 or 30 at the time. Desperate to entertain me, he found the one English-speaking film in local theaters. It was the concert movie Woodstock.

Though I really had no clue what I was seeing, the movie left an indelible impression . . . I married a musician, if that tells you anything. However, I do bathe on the regular and I have never camped at a multi-day music festival.

Now that it’s the 50th anniversary of the legendary music “event,” I am hoping to hear from some alumni who actually went to Woodstock. Who has some good stories for me? Who has photos? Email me at I’d love to hear and see.





  1. Ken Hovey - 1971 DDS

    My wife(Carol Cooper Hovey 68BS) and I read an ad in the Daily about some festival in New York with so much great music that we just had to go. We drove out in our VW bug and spent 3 nights camping in the mud and listening to amazing performances.Maybe our most lasting memory was joining the throngs in welcoming Jefferson Airplane on stage at dawn; the closing act from the night before!


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