Coleman returns to campus

To the University Community:

On  Jan. 15, I accepted the U-M Board of Regents’ request to serve as interim until they appoint a new president. While deeply saddened by the circumstances of the invitation, I accepted the interim appointment because of my love and respect for this institution. I welcome the opportunity to work with you once again in moving forward with the critical agenda of the University of Michigan.

I want to express my deep appreciation to all of you during a difficult time for U-M. I know some will feel a sense of loss. What we can do now is to renew our commitment to learning together, as well as to doing research and public service as a collectivity.

I have spent my entire academic career at or advancing public research institutions and their teaching function. My deep and profound belief in the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of this institution’s three campuses gives me great confidence that we will come together during this period to advance the values and the excellence that define the University of Michigan.


Mary Sue Coleman


  1. Kathleen O'Connell - 1973

    Let’s stay out of a lot of resource consuming law suits. Thank you.


  2. Ingrid Arnesen Graham - 1958

    Thank you Mary Sue.


  3. Frank Seeman - 1983

    Clean up the graft, corruption, perversion, and oppression of free speech


  4. Glenda Gerbstadt - 1972

    You are a “bright light” for the University at this time and promote positivity the forward path.
    Thank you for your dedication to our institution


  5. Bill Lacy - 1975

    You have been an inspiring and dedicated leader for public higher education for decades. Thank you for your willingness to step up once again.


  6. Chris Campbell - 1972 Rackham, 1975 Law

    I am grateful that Pres. Coleman is willing to step in at a time of need, to lead this grand institution.

    Chris Campbell


  7. Stewart Rice - 1961

    WOW – I feel so very fortunate that YOU are here to step in to fulfill this vital position of Interim President. Most institutions would have to take mountains of time to fill the post.
    I would be delighted to be of assistance anywhere it may help in this period.

    Stewart Don Rice


  8. Mike Faulkner - 1982

    This university we all love so very much is fortunate to have you return. Thank you for your service, your contribution, and most of al your professionalism!
    Go Blue


  9. Emilio De Pedro - 1998

    Thank you very much Mrs. President for your return to this beloved Michigan of ours.
    Your integrity and commitment will be invaluable in healing the wounds.


  10. Ron Cooper - 1981

    When you departed in 2014, you left us with “And Forever, Go Blue!” And because of that love, you are now returning, proving to us that you meant it.

    God Bless You, Mary Sue. Thanks for all you’ve done, for what you just did, and for all you’ll do.


  11. Roger Fraser - 1968

    I was impressed with the swiftness with which the Regents were able to move President Coleman into this uncomfortable vacancy. Having had the pleasure of working with her, I am confident that she will enable this university to move directly toward recovery.


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