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  1. Bailey's words

    Michigan Today’s new language columnist remembers her mentor and predecessor, Richard W. Bailey.

  2. Episode 23: Football’s Valhalla: The Bob Ufer Story

    Filmmaker Dan Chace, BA ’83, will screen his film about the beloved Wolverines football announcer Oct. 5 at the Michigan Theater.

  3. "A" vs. "an"

    Anne Curzan sounds off on the battle between these indefinite articles.

  4. Double negatives

    Anne Curzan can’t get no satisfaction from the idea that two negatives make a positive.

  5. "A Table Alphabeticall"

    Anne Curzan flips through the first English dictionary, published in London in 1604.

  6. Spellbound?

    How do you feel about cigaret? Wuz? Nemonia? Anne Curzan explores spelling reform — and resistance.

  7. Word nerds

    “I’m thrilled people want to talk with me about language,” says Anne Curzan of her lifelong love of words.

  8. Under the radar

    How shall we handle the subtle and undetected changes in English? Anne Curzan knows.

  9. Welcome to the new Michigan Today

    With the new year comes a new Michigan Today, one that is designed to adapt to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Our new layout is designed to enhance your experience and help you navigate through current and archived content with the greatest of ease.