1. Dogs with Old Man Faces: Portraits of Crochety Canines

    October 8, 2018

    Your dog’s puppy days are long gone, but sometimes you think you love him even more for being an old fart. He looks at you with those big brown eyes, full of experience and widsom, and you can see the old man behind that furry face. You know he’s bewildered by these young pups today, and he wonders why they let their tails get all poofy, or why they insist on staying out all night capering around with the neighborhood cats.

    Dogs with Old Man Faces is a photographic treasury of old salty dogs, accompanied by droll captions like “Pedro likes Old Spice and Sinatra,” “Jack enjoys a cup of hot Sanka,” and “Chet is still upset they cancelled ‘Matlock.'”

    Now you can honor your whiskered old fogey and let him know you still careā€”even if he can’t jump the fence anymore.

    Author Tom Cohen, LSA ’92, is a multiple Emmy-winning producer with almost 20 years in the TV business. He graduated from U-M with honors. In his free time as a student, he was very involved with U-M’s comedy troupe Comedy Company and started Michigan’s first improvisational comedy group, Highly Improvable.