1. How Deep is the Ocean?

    October 8, 2018

    The ocean covers almost three-quarters of the Earth, but how deep does it go? Put on your SCUBA gear and explore the ocean, from its shallowest waters to its deepest, most mysterious parts. As you dive deeper, you’ll discover glowing animals, strange creatures that don’t need sunlight to survive, and even the largest hunter in the world.

    With beautiful illustrations and engaging text, How Deep Is the Ocean? will guide young readers into the deepest parts of the ocean. Featuring a find-out-more section with a water-pressure experiment, a lesson in making a sounding line to learn how scientists measure the depth of the ocean, a glossary of new terms, and web research prompts, this book will begin children’s explorations of the deep sea. Both the text and the artwork were vetted for accuracy by Dr. David Gruber, real-life deep-sea explorer and professor of biology and environmental science at Baruch College.

    Author Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld received her MA degree from U-M in 1977.