1. Is Mommy?

    October 8, 2018

    In this irreverent, hilarious, and charming picture book, award-winning poet Victoria Chang and celebrated artist Marla Frazee show that all toddlers love their mommies — no matter what.

    It is a joyous ode to hardworking mothers everywhere — who may not always be fun or organized or neat. But do their toddlers love them anyway? Of course! Marla Frazee’s colorful and humorous illustrations bring this simple text — perfect for reading aloud — to vivid life.

    The New York Times Book Review writes: “Is Mommy? lobs an attack on perfectionism. When parenting blogs and social media edit out hot tempers, hangovers, the tedium of groceries, fearful obsessions with death, and eroding body confidence to suggest that parenting is all butterfly cupcakes, quilting projects completed in time for birthdays, and endless nonwage-earning hours spent biking to swimming holes or exploring museums, it can be difficult to remember that the only essential qualities required for parenting are kindness and courage. Chang and Frazee’s playful book reminds a reader that children love well and without reservation….”

    Chang graduated from U-M in 1992.