1. Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor

    October 8, 2018

    This legal self-help book is the hybrid product of a lawyer and a non-lawyer author. It is packed with unbiased information about the current state of the legal system, why it is the way it is, where it is headed, and, most importantly, how to beat it at its own game!

    This is the only legal self-help resource that

    • reveals clandestine rules, discusses unorthodox strategies, and propounds novel information
    • contains the broad insight of authors internal and external to the U.S. judiciary
    • provides ways to counteract the corruption within the system so crucial for the average person to successfully fight a legal battle

    The authors cover speeding tickets, small claims, divorce, criminal defense, landlord tenant law, debt collection, and probate, wills, and trusts.

    Co-author Naheedy is a 2003 graduate of the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. She is an attorney in Irvine, Calif. More info: www.stloiyf.com