In the News

  1. Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: Feb. 2013

    U-M ranks No. 12 among world’s top 100 universities; Helen Zell gives unprecedented $50 million to graduate writing program; U-M economists forecast job growth for southeast Michigan; Astronomers detect first evidence of dark matter in the universe; Research trials at U-M personalize cancer treatments; U-M’s I-Corps program aims to commercialize new ventures; Researchers seek to solve the problem of food insecurity.

  2. Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: Jan. 2013

    Report shows University Research Corridor had a $15.5B economic impact on the state; New regents learn balance between their goals and universities’ needs; Sustainability experts hail Obama’s climate change focus; 40 U-M students named Dow Sustainability Fellows; “Dinosaur village” illuminates reptilian past; Scientists create superomniphobic material that shrugs off oil, blood, acid and more; U-M student appointed “Wikipedian in Residence” at presidential library.

  3. Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: Dec. 2012

    U-M leads 2012 American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows with 19; Ross School of Business nearly erases MBA gender pay gap; Law School’s Michael Barr examines Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s legacy; Who should receive organ transplants? U-M President Mary Sue Coleman belongs to leadership board calling for President Obama to address gun violence; Medical researchers develop ultrasonic scalpel.

  4. Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: Nov. 2012

    Stem cells and nanofibers stimulating nerve research; Cancer center receives $29-million grant; Study finds fuel economy at all-time high; Researchers to lead food security study; Athletes sign social media policy as Twitter incidents multiply; Does the Fed favor Republican presidents? Six campus construction projects to watch; Mary Sue Coleman counted among most popular university presidents.

  5. Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: Sept. 2012

    Great Lakes research to be prioritized; University community remembers Professor Christopher Peterson; U-M economists predict more job growth for Michigan in 2013-14; recovery called ‘sustained’; U-M to study eating and body issues that are ‘huge problem’ on college campuses; Can you change your political beliefs?; All eyes on Brazil; U-M establishes $12.3M center to accelerate design of advanced materials with open-source tools; Novel drug approach shows promise against breast cancer.

  6. Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: Aug. 2012

    Professor and presidential adviser Paul McCracken dies at 96; Ann Arbor VC firm fights Silicon Valley; new health system helicopters take flight; students, faculty contribute to Mars mission; U-M doctors oversee cutting-edge trial on ALS; researchers find father’s age linked to risk of autism; U-M program steers kids toward STEM careers; study shows teens prefer information highway to actual highway.

  7. Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: July 2012

    Scientists create six new stem cell lines; the most important part of the health care ruling you haven’t heard about; U-M researchers find the elusive Higgs boson; researchers examine head injuries and premature brain aging; a look at the straight media’s coverage of gay pride; study shows most Americans earn more than their parents, but only a third rise in income class; dead zone pollutant grows despite decades of work; dogs may protect kids from infection.

  8. Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: June 2012

    Athletic Director Dave Brandon: “Michigan is back”; joint study from U-M Law School and Northwestern University produces first national database of wrongful convictions; researchers create tree of life; study shows men eat veggies, but only to please wives; proposed U-M construction could reach $1 billion; hospitals look to auto industry for efficiency practices; video games help autistic students.

  9. Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: May 2012

    University of Michigan stem-cell line gets national registry go-ahead; new U-M research sheds light on science of addiction; parents play favorites when helping adult kids out; bedroom eyes make guys look sketchy; U-M doctor demonstrates deep-brain stimulation as Parkinson’s treatment; “dead” galaxies live on; U-M research shows more babies being born addicted to prescription painkillers.