Podcast: “Listen in, Michigan”

  1. Episode 12: Fighting the good fight for a free press, featuring Willl Potter

    Investigative reporter and civil rights advocate Will Potter talks propaganda, dissent, and a free press that is anything but an ‘enemy of the people.’ Potter is a former Knight-Wallace fellow at the University of Michigan.

  2. Episode 11: 22 ways to think about the University of Michigan, featuring Terence McDonald

    Bentley Historical Library Director Terrence McDonald examines the creative (and often conflictual) tension that has long existed between the University of Michigan and its constituents. He teaches a course called ’22 Ways to think about U-M.’

  3. Episode 10: 200 years and counting, featuring Kim Clarke and Gary Krenz

    The University of Michigan’s bicentennial is upon us (2017). What better time to celebrate the legacies and achievements that make Michigan what it is? Listen in, as these two historians share highlights along the two-century timeline.

  4. Episode 9: Blood in the water, featuring Heather Ann Thompson

    Author and University of Michigan professor Heather Ann Thompson, BA ’87/MA ’87, delivers the first definitive history of the 1971 Attica prison uprising and its devastating aftermath. Listen in, Michigan!

  5. Episode 8: The ‘human science’ of leadership, featuring Fritz Seyferth

    Executive coach and former Wolverine football player Fritz Seyferth, BSIOE ’73, shares lessons learned from mentor Bo Schembechler on how to build and lead great teams. Seyferth is principal/founder of the business consulting firm FS/A.

  6. Episode 7: How Tom Sawyer changed my life, featuring Larry Goldstein

    Imagine Mark Twain’s iconic ne’er-do-well as the high school counselor who launched your career. Only in L.A. Listen in, as University of Michigan professor Larry Goldstein showcases work from his book of literary criticism, ‘Poetry Los Angeles: Reading the Essential Poems of the City.’ The book features 40 poems about L.A., with chapters on Hollywood, the freeway, the Pacific Ocean, and more. Goldstein provides historical, critical, and cultural context throughout.

  7. Episode 6: The wind is very much up, featuring Ralph Williams

    University of Michigan professor Ralph Williams reflects on “the American project,” the pursuit of happiness, and the future of the human race.

  8. Episode 5: Totally up for debate, featuring Aaron Kall

    A rambunctious war of words is raging on the political front line while the University of Michigan’s No. 1 debate team reaps the spoils here at home. Listen in, as debate expert extraordinaire Aaron Kall reviews the debate performance of several U.S. presidential hopefuls and gives an update on the U-M team’s upward trajectory.

  9. Episode 4: How we went blue, featuring Albert Ahronheim

    It’s short. It’s sweet. And it can really swing. But the origin of “Let’s Go Blue” as part of the University of Michigan’s call to arms was anything but simple.