1. All's fair … Or is it?

    Have you ever: Forwarded photos taken by one friend to another? Watched a clip from a TV show on Facebook? Quoted a published work in a research paper?

  2. Thinking about Tom

    A prophetic voice Always at the edge of the possible and the visionary. Ever able to formulate our best hopes and fears into language that elevated and instructed. Baseball fan. Wanting to recast the radical tradition into American idiom and take it out of the hands of sectarians. Willing to be, as our friend Jack Read more

  3. Industry funding: Pros and cons

    Victor Katch discusses how industry funding may lead to conflict of interest, manufactured uncertainty, and weakened policies.

  4. Gunning for trouble?

    What happens to democracy when militarized police send signals that dissent is dangerous to security?

  5. Media coverage of the University of Michigan

    Michigan universities pumping out entrepreneurs; U-M seeks participants for diabetes study; Rethinking the twice-yearly dental visit; Five things to remember in salary negotiations; Boomers hold key to auto industry; U-M study links social media and narcissism; Surprise! When the rich get richer, taxes go lower; Companies awash in cash, when will they spend it?