1. Michael Wolk - 1970 BS Architecture

    Perhaps not among Alden Dow’s best work, but what of its historic value if any(legitimate question) ? And what is is intended to replace it? Could it not have been retrofitted creatively, as an example of a carbon neutral, zero energy and people-engaging “new” building? adding another layer of history to the building and speaking to our moment? I remember seeing it every day living next door in west quad and walking to the A and D building just minutes away at the time, so it looms large in my memory.
    It’s hard to evaluate when function and urban context of the proposed building is missing. Let us know more, please.


  2. P David Temple - 1975

    The student uprisings that lead to the building’s design were a response to our national leaders using non-college students as canon fodder in an unjust war. This building’s “fortress” design stood as a metaphor of an “us against them” mentality that pervaded our institutions at that time and, thankfully, now has no place on our university campus.


  3. Clark Miller - 1971

    They thought that the limited access entry and narrow windows would keep students from occupying the Admin Building. Poor Robben Fleming learned at the BAM Strike in 1970 that when most of your employees are minimum wage students who support the strike and opened the doors to the protestors, your building would never be secure.


  4. Linda Varone - 1971

    While the Admin Building design was misguided from the beginning, I hope that something meaningful on the UM campus will be named after Robben Fleming. As president during the politically heated late-60s-early-70s, he walked the tightrope of allowing peaceful, if revolutionary, free speech without the campus meltdown into violence. No National Guard troops were ever on the Michigan campus.


  5. Peter L - 2009

    Always thought it’s an awkward looking building, and always in the background when taking pictures with the Cube. Girlfriend at that time worked in the building. She seemed happy to see me when gotten off work, or was it because she’s leaving the building?


  6. John Farley - M.A. 1973, M.U.P. 1975, Ph.D. 1977

    I am so glad to see that monstrosity go! My main experience there was being in charge of the GEO picket line there during the strike in the mid-1970s that led to the second graduate-assistant union contract in the country. The mentality of the designers of that building seemed to be that students were an enemy to be kept out at all cost. it probably reflected the viewpoint of the administration at the time.


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