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  1. Roger Rapoport - 68

    Thanks so much. We will be in Ann Arbor on September 21 at the Quality 16 with Director Bob Cicchini, cast and crew including costar Deborah Staples. We are very grateful to the University of Michigan students, coaches and faculty who supported our effort, especially Dick Kimball and dive coach Mike Hilde. Complete details on the film’s release are at


  2. Norman Tyler - 1970, 1987

    My spouse, Ilene, and I, both grads from the UM Architecture program, know Roger Rapoport as a friend and were thrilled to have participated in a small way to the production of the movie. We feel it is a compelling story well told through film and hope it will encourage more discussion regarding the college stress, depression, mental illness.


  3. eve Silberman - 1974, Duke. (But wait-lilsted at U-M).

    I have seen clips of this film, as well as Roger’s two previous films. Go see this! Especially but not only if you or someone you loved has suffered severe depression; if you have a young person in your family; and if you’re a teacher or counselor. You won’t regret it!


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