1. William Potter - 1965 law

    I met President Ford several times while he served in Congress. History will judge him well. Our nation today could sorely use his integrity, bipartisanship, common sense and altruism.


  2. Robert Selwa - 1984

    I met and wrote to President Ford several times. I also nominated him for the Profiles in Courage award. I also was a student at the U of M when he was President. We were proud of him. He was a genuinely likable guy with integrity and left our country better off than what he inherited. A true American success story.


  3. Adrian Ciugudean - 1991

    “Gerry, you did a good job, keep on doing it!” Anybody remember that? Yes, he did a good job providing steady leadership at a crucial time in the political history of our country. I’m glad that UM has a graduate school named in his honor. The university should indeed be very proud of him. God bless America!


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