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  1. Jim Silk - 1969

    I enjoyed the photographs of Ann Arbor in October, along with the collection of autumn quotations, but I was surprised you didn’t include a little of the poem “Kicking the Leaves” by the great poet Donald Hall, who taught at Michigan in the 60s and 70s. Here are a couple of excerpts that would have been a good fit.

    Kicking the leaves, October, as we walk home together
    from the game, in Ann Arbor,
    on a day the color of soot, rain in the air;
    I kick at the leaves of maples,
    reds of seventy different shades, yellows
    like old paper; and poplar leaves, fragile and pale;
    and elm leaves, flags of a doomed race.
    I kick at the leaves, making a sound I remember
    as the leaves swirl upward from my boot,
    and flutter; . . .
    . . . .

    Kicking the leaves today, as we walk home together
    from the game, among crowds of people
    with their bright pennants, as many and bright as leaves,


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