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  1. Ken Green - 1976

    One year ago I was stunned when I saw the gutted Union building and could only wonder what it was going to look like. Now I cannot wait to see it. I will be there next year and I hope there will be a guided tour and/or a brochure explaining the changes. Thanks for the slide show.


    • Deborah Holdship

      January promises many more photos and details once the building reopens! Keep an eye on the Re:Union website (links in the slideshow) for regular updates. (Ed.)


  2. Corey Brooker - 1994

    They should give our Vulcan Office space back too!!!


  3. David Marlin - 1950, 1957L

    I’ve been told that the second floor poolroom will be gone. Sad. I spent many hours there and still graduated!


  4. Carolyn Poissant - 1981, 1987

    Wondering if the ballroom was preserved? Attended many, many events there, from SNR’s (SEAS) annual Paul Bunyan ball to IMPACT jazz dance classes, to faculty retirement parties. If those walls could talk…


  5. Jennifer Brehob - LSA '80

    Congratulations. I look forward to more photographs. What is the best way to be sure we will see the celebration?

    An exceptional way to make it a Happy New Year 2020!

    Thank you.


  6. Barb Bradley

    I’ve walked past this building nearly every day as a UM employee since the renovations began. It’s been quite a process and just seeing the fencing come down a few weeks ago was super exciting! I can’t wait to see the finished product and be able to patronize the businesses again. When they closed, it effectively eliminated a LOT of spots in that area of campus to grab a bite to eat or even just a quick cup of coffee. I’m super excited to see it reopen!


  7. Luis Vidal - 1984

    Michigan Union. My first stop after traveling from Europe to A2. Glad to see it will be modernized.


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