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  1. Booth Muller - 1969

    Graffiti is often intriguing and often says something about the neighborhood in which it’s found. When I transferred to Michigan from another school, the beginning of my junior year, I thought that one particular item of graffiti, spray-painted on some plywood surrounding a campus construction site, was an indicator that the intellectual level of the student body might be a bit higher than my previous college, where a typical witticism might be “Flush twice; it’s a long way to the cafeteria!” Michigan’s plywood wall, on the other hand, seemed far more intellectually thought-provoking to a 20-year-old in the era of the Viet Nam war and political assassinations: “GRAVITY is the physical manifestation of the metaphysical truth that THE WHOLE WORLD SUCKS!”


  2. Jacquelyn Miller - 1994

    Thank you for featuring BLM graffiti art. There is a glaring error in the caption to the second photo: “Ann Arbor held its first BLM protest on July 9, 2016, following the fatal shootings of two Black men — Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La., and Philando Castile in St. Paul, Minn. — by police officers.”

    Ann Arbor held its first BLM protests at least as early as November 2014, following the decision to not indict the officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and simultaneously protesting the police homicide of Aura Rosser in Ann Arbor that same month. A series of protests and teach-ins followed in the campaign for justice for Aura Rosser and for BLM. Many occurred on UM campus and with active organizing by UM students, faculty, and staff. Please make a correction and do not erase our local history.


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