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  1. Built by humans, ruled by computers

    As algorithmic decision-making becomes more powerful, researchers cite concerns that computers don’t always know — or do — what’s best for we humans.

  2. Gonna fly now

    With its outdoor fly lab for drone testing, U-M now hosts advanced robotics facilities for land, air, sea, and space. Plus: Robotics building breaks ground.

  3. Noble Nobel in space

    In 1976, Samuel C.C. Ting discovered a particle that changed physics. In 2018, he’s working on the most sophisticated particle physics experiment in space.

  4. Cybersecurity in self-driving cars

    Mcity report gives new insights into automated vehicle vulnerabilities, threats.

  5. Thruster for Mars mission breaks records

    U-M engineers develop advanced space engine to propel humans to Mars; it’s breaking records for operating current, power, and thrust.

  6. The courage to resist

    In the escalating struggle between the individual and the state technology favors the powerful. That’s why this computer scientist revels in righting the balance.

  7. Not your father's time capsule

    Students prepare to launch a time capsule into orbit to mark U-M’s bicentennial. The plan is to retrieve it in 100 years.

  8. MARLO vs. U-M's Wave Field

    HBO’s “Westworld” about a theme park populated by lifelike robots may be pure fiction, the science part is making great strides.

  9. A matter of time

    Learn how the Internet of Things infiltrated one home, and what it could signal about the future of privacy and security.