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  1. From ponds to power

    U-M researchers are using $2 million from the U.S. Dept. of Energy to perfect algae as diesel fuel. The University is one of the few institutes in the world working on the problem end-to-end.

  2. Flipping the switch in Puerto Rico

    Civil engineer Aaron Anderson, MS ’16, will be the happiest person on earth when he’s out of a job – because that means Puerto Rico is back on the grid.

  3. Thruster for Mars mission breaks records

    U-M engineers develop advanced space engine to propel humans to Mars; it’s breaking records for operating current, power, and thrust.

  4. The courage to resist

    In the escalating struggle between the individual and the state technology favors the powerful. That’s why this computer scientist revels in righting the balance.

  5. U-M pioneers new walking robot

    New bot is loosely modeled on the cassowary, a flightless bird with backward-facing knees.

  6. Time to get serious?

    As the Earth’s climate changes, experts explore provocative interventions and ask: Can we geoengineer our way out of a looming crisis?

  7. U-M to test 3-D, automated 'SmartCarts'

    U-M students, professors, and staff may one day be zipping around campus aboard autonomous, 3D-printed electric vehicles.

  8. The real B.A.T. man

    Gary Kaberle, DDS ’72, had no idea the “cool” car he purchased for $2,600 in 1963 was a rare ’50s prototype with a chassis by Alfa Romeo. It was a discovery that would change his life.

  9. A most elegant solution

    Discover how the ancient art of origami may soon transform the future of nanotechnology.