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  1. Doctors of tomorrow

    U-M finds the key to attracting underrepresented minorities to medical school: ‘Start them young, get them motivated, and get them on the path.’

  2. 'Increased-risk’ donor organs a tough sell

    The opioid epidemic has created a surge in donor organs. But despite their safety record, organs that could save lives often go unused.

  3. Bionic heart tissue?

    U-M partners on an ambitious $20-million project to grow new heart tissue for cardiac patients. Plus: Breakthroughs in leukemia and infertility treatments.

  4. Gluten mania

    Victor Katch helps consumers navigate the medical science and marketing magic behind that gluten-free label.

  5. Choosing untested treatments

    A federal “right-to-try” law for medical treatments could soon become reality. And U-M is poised to expand access to new options.

  6. Food as medicine, II

    Victor Katch shows how plant-based compounds often serve as precursors for our medicines.

  7. Cells that stand in the way of curing HIV

    Discovery expands researchers’ understanding of bone marrow’s role in HIV; has potential to rid patients of the infection for life.

  8. Rehab: Gaming the system

    Gaming technology enjoyed by millions in leisure time is finding a new audience: rehabilitation patients.

  9. An uncommon education: Ep 5

    U-M was the nation’s first university to own and operate its own hospital. Watch ‘A Miracle Cure,’ by Detroit Public Television.