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  1. A moment's thought?

    Most writing that appears seamless likely has been stitched, unstitched, and stitched again.

  2. A different drum

    Visionary, iconoclast, eccentric. What does ‘original’ really mean — and from where does originiality originate?

  3. Shop around the corner

    Novelist Nicholas Delbanco pens an ode to readers’ pulp-and-paper Shangri-La: the bookstore.

  4. What we keep, what we give away

    Nicholas Delbanco packs up his personal library and opens the chapter to a new era in life.

  5. Time after time

    Nicholas Delbanco reflects on a plague confounding artists across the ages: the risk of repetition.

  6. An uncommon education: Ep 4

    In “A Writer Worth Reading,” Detroit Public Television partners with U-M historians to explore the University’s commitment to “the new, the unusual, and the radical.”

  7. It's only words

    Nicholas Delbanco illustrates how language that once seemed transgressive is now quite routine.

  8. The quick brown fox

    Novelist Nicholas Delbanco examines our changing language, letter by letter.

  9. To be, or not to be

    Nicholas Delbanco explores the literary and linguistic through line connecting everything from Elizabethan sonnets to modern street slang.