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  1. Ceep the rth clyn

    Nicholas Delbanco reminds us that the act of writing (i.e., making marks on a surface) changes with the times.

  2. The quick brown fox

    Novelist Nicholas Delbanco examines our changing language, letter by letter.

  3. To be, or not to be

    Nicholas Delbanco explores the literary and linguistic through line connecting everything from Elizabethan sonnets to modern street slang.

  4. "A" vs. "an"

    Anne Curzan sounds off on the battle between these indefinite articles.

  5. Eggcorns

    Are you trying to pass mustard for all intensive purposes in a doggy dog world?

  6. Yup, uh huh, yes

    When it comes to expressing agreement, we can choose from an extensive range of options.

  7. Why comprise is complicated

    You say comprise, I say compose. Linguist Anne Curzan says we’re both right. Right?