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  1. U-M tool measures ‘iffy’ news

    U-M’s Center for Social Media Responsibility analyzes news on Facebook and Twitter, just in time for 2018 election.

  2. ‘Fake news’ detector outperforms humans

    Algorithm identifies telltale linguistic cues and could serve as an effective weapon against misinformation.

  3. Hollywood reporter

    Stop the presses: Frank Beaver takes a look at movies about the media.

  4. Fighting the good fight for a free press

    Investigative reporter and civil rights advocate Will Potter talks propaganda, dissent, and a free press that is anything but an ‘enemy of the people.’

  5. Forecast 2017

    Michigan Ross experts offer projections on the economy, the environment, the auto industry, trade, the media, and more.

  6. The whole world's watching

    Frank Beaver deconstructs Haskell Wexler’s “Medium Cool” in a timely examination of media, morality, and more.

  7. Isn't it romantic?

    Research shows movies, TV strongly shape how we view romance, love.

  8. The dean of network news

    As president of ABC News, U-M alumnus David Westin is one of the most important figures in TV news. It’s a long way from a childhood in Flint and Ann Arbor.

  9. The quintessential correspondent

    30 years ago, reporter Tony Collings took a chance on a job with a brand new TV network called CNN. Now on the U-M faculty, he looks back at a time when 24/7 news seemed nutty.