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  1. Fake sweeteners make for real problems

    Victor Katch reports on the disturbing surge in artificial sweeteners in our food supply and warns about their harmful effects.

  2. Your incredible shrinking cortex

    Fretting about brain function as you get older? Fear not, says U-M psychologist Thad Polk. The brain doesn’t take age-related deficits lying down.

  3. Antioxidants and health

    Victor Katch celebrates antioxidants and explains how to enhance one’s diet using the colors of the rainbow.

  4. Cannabis and health: Part 2

    Vic Katch reviews evidence-based science to illuminate the medical benefits and side effects of cannabis.

  5. Cannabis and health: Part 1

    Vic Katch reviews the history of cannabis use, its many ingredients, and its therapeutic applications.

  6. On life support

    How a doctor’s brush with her own death forced her to rethink the healing process and re-imagine the profound impact of empathy in patient care.

  7. Get moving to get happier

    Researchers examine which aspects of physical activity are associated with happiness, and which populations are likely to benefit from the effects.

  8. What do older adults think about medical marijuana?

    Most accept its use with doctor’s recommendation, but want more research, U-M/AARP National Poll on Healthy Aging finds.

  9. Star Wars science with Flintstones delivery

    Right Drug. Right person. Right time. Right price. How precision benefit design makes precision medicine financially possible.