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  1. Diabetes mellitus

    Here’s what you need to know about the fastest-growing lifestyle-induced disease plaguing the population.

  2. Where’s (sweet) Waldo?

    Victor Katch finds added sugar hiding in the most surprising places.

  3. Spiritual wellbeing and health

    Victor Katch connects some essential principles of spiritual wellbeing to key health outcomes.

  4. Four little victors valiant

    Four youngsters in a tiny Michigan town each battled severe illness at U-M’s Mott Children’s Hospital. Now, they’re all in the same first-grade class.

  5. Just in time

    New smart technologies could revolutionize the way people cope with medical and behavioral problems.

  6. Gut check

    Victor Katch demystifies the gut microbiome and its relationship to one’s overall health.

  7. Industry funding: Pros and cons

    Victor Katch discusses how industry funding may lead to conflict of interest, manufactured uncertainty, and weakened policies.

  8. The life of Dr. Death

    Jack Kevorkian’s archive at the Bentley reveals the life of an artist, composer, and controversial advocate of the right-to-die movement.

  9. The manufactured sodium controversy

    Does profit take precedence over public health when it comes to dietary salt intake?