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  1. Precious mettle

    Coin collector Patrick Heller, BBA ’74, once held a rare doubloon worth $7.4 million. So how does he appraise the coin commemorating the U.S./North Korea summit?

  2. Boosting consumption

    New U-M study concludes: Transfer wealth from the top 20 percent of U.S. earners to the bottom 80 percent and watch consumption rise.

  3. Michigan Ross students run real businesses — for class

    Ross MBA and BBA students are working with three major firms to start, run, and vet businesses.

  4. Stephen Ross donates $50M more to U-M

    Funds will support career-development programs, action-based learning experiences, and recruitment of junior faculty.

  5. Forecast 2017

    Michigan Ross experts offer projections on the economy, the environment, the auto industry, trade, the media, and more.

  6. Jerks at work

    Toxic co-workers aren’t just annoying — these jerks can also affect your work quality. Gretchen Spreitzer has survival tips.