Office of the VP for Communications – Keeping alumni and friends connected to U-M

  1. Deadly rip currents

    Since 2010, more than 600 people have drowned in the Great Lakes. One survivor, a U-M communicator, turns survivor guilt into life-saving action.

  2. Quiz show

    Frank Beaver tests your cinema scope with a Wolverine movie quiz.

  3. Love of the game leads alumni Ebbett, Kolarik to Olympics

    Chad Kolarik and Andrew Ebbett, who once skated on the same line for the Wolverines, will represent their countries in the ’18 Olympics.

  4. Time traveler

    Michigan historic preservationist Janet Kreger, BA ’72, is a forward thinker. She’s protecting thousands of local treasures – for the future.

  5. Dances like wind

    Unique collaboration provokes dialogue about alternative energy in Michigan.

  6. Hard times in Michigan

    Eileen Pollack’s new novel, “Breaking and Entering,” is a story of love, economic dislocation, and political extremism set in a rural Michigan that’s close to everyone’s home.