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  1. ‘He felt what we felt’

    Frank Beaver celebrates the Wolverines’ love for late announcer Bob Ufer, star of a new documentary.

  2. Filmmaker Demme joins U-M 'mavericks'

    U-M Library to hold the personal archive of the late award-winning director/producer/screenwriter Jonathan Demme.

  3. Summer book-busters

    Frank Beaver gives an update on summer reads bound for silver screens.

  4. Quiz show

    Frank Beaver tests your cinema scope with a Wolverine movie quiz.

  5. Isn't that ironic?

    Frank Beaver looks at how dialogue, music, and staging convey irony on film.

  6. Movie house vs. your house

    Frank Beaver compares the traditional theater experience with today’s high-tech, in-home options.

  7. Nonfiction film sleuth

    Frank Beaver reflects on documentarian Errol Morris’ unique modus operandi.

  8. Mr. Capra comes to class

    Film classes take on new relevance when Hollywood comes to Ann Arbor.

  9. Oh, you're a holiday

    Winter is coming, and Frank Beaver is checking his list of must-see classics to warm your heart this season.