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  1. Rock star

    As a field geologist, 98-year-old Helen Foster, BA ’42/PhD ’46, mapped the farthest-flung islands of Japan, met Emperor Hirohito, and documented Alaska’s landscape.

  2. Tangs for the memories

    As a scientist in the late ’60s, Rowena Matthews, PhD ’69, redefined gender norms in the lab. And that was before she hit the airwaves.

  3. Perspective: Why I marched for science

    U-M grad student shares her experience Joining the tens of thousands of demonstrators at the March for Science — and what ought to happen next.

  4. Larger than life

    What do you do when you’re digging a ditch on your farm and encounter a large, unidentified object sprouting two giant tusks? Call U-M paleontologist Dan Fisher.

  5. Science as performance art

    What happens when a biologist, choreographer, composer, and illustrator collaborate to convey a complex cellular process? Watch and learn.

  6. International man of history

    Former Wolverines tight end Chris McLaurin, ’09, takes his experience as a Fulbright Scholar and White House intern to Asia. He’s the recipient of a prestigious Luce Fellowship.