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  1. Just humor me

    Campus unrest often erupts at times of social unrest. But what about campus humor? Some say it’s at its best when times are not.

  2. Enrollment growing as campus rolls out Go Blue Guarantee

    From an all-time high of 59,886 applications, U-M enrolled 6,847 freshmen for fall ’17. The class is slightly larger than anticipated.

  3. Students promote lifesaving power of organ, tissue donation

    A bone marrow recipient and the daughter of a heart transplant patient work to increase donor awareness.

  4. Doctors of tomorrow

    U-M finds the key to attracting underrepresented minorities to medical school: ‘Start them young, get them motivated, and get them on the path.’

  5. Kids today

    Student organizations at U-M may be sublime (Solar Car) or ridiculous (Squirrel Club). Either way, the students who manage them are extraordinarily bright, motivated, and accomplished. Meet them on the Diag.

  6. U-M unveils ‘Go Blue Guarantee’

    On Jan. 1, U-M will launch a financial aid program for in-state residents: Free tuition for up to four years for students with family income of up to $65,000.

  7. Fast track to first responder

    U-M student volunteers cut to the chase in action-packed training program for Israel’s Magen David Adom ambulance service.

  8. Teach the children well

    While volunteering at a school for children of sex workers in India, one U-M student was transformed by society’s most vulnerable.

  9. Vet seeks to grow hope amid 'food deserts'

    Kenneth Johnson redeploys military training to bring healthy food and other sustainable solutions to underserved populations.